Where Young Professionals Live in London

Where do Young Professionals Live in London

Where do all the young professionals that work and commute around London actually live, considering the spiraling property prices

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What is London famous for

What is London Famous For? – Why They Made London Famous

Do you think you know all the landmarks and the reasons London has become as famous as it has? See if you’re correct!

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Making Friends in London

How to Make Friends in London – 14 Ideas That Really Work

With 8.9 million residents in London, it can surprise people just how many people are new to the area and are looking to socialise, connect and make friends. London is a place full of hustle and bustle. People coming and going faster than you can blink. People are not unfriendly in London, but Londoners are […]

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Is London a Town or a City

Is London a City or a Town? [The Debate Finally Answered]

How many times have you heard both phrases, ‘London Town’ and ‘London City’? A few times, I’m sure. The definition of both town and city, according to UK legislation, are very clearly laid out, so why the confusion? Is London a city, or a town? London is a city, not a town. London has always […]

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Is London Bigger than New York

Is London Bigger than New York? – [Square Miles Revealed]

Both London and New York are amazing places to visit. Both have world famous recognisable landmarks, and home to millions of people. London is home to 8.1 million people and New York home to 8.4 million people. With so many similarities, is London bigger than New York? London is bigger than New York City. In […]

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