Lakes in London

Lakes in London – 9 Beautiful Lakes, and one Bonus Lake!

Although London is an urban jungle, with skyscraper after building after skyscraper, there are a number of tranquil green spaces and beautiful lakes around London to be found. There’s something calming about being close to water. Maybe the gentle continuous flowing motion creates a lot of harmony with the rest of the surrounding area but […]

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Sky Garden Is It Worth a Visit

Is Sky Garden Worth Visiting: London’s Highest Garden Review

London has one of the most recognisable skylines in the world! There are just a handful of places to visit that will allow you to really enjoy the most popular landmarks London has to offer. The Sky Garden, which boasts the highest garden in London, is one of those. Best of all visiting the Sky […]

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Free Museums in London

Free Museums in London: Best Free Museums for a Great Day Out

With London so steeped in history there are lots of museums to explore and learn about the culture and immense rich history of London throughout the last thousand years. Surprisingly some of the largest and best museums in London are free! If you’ve ever been to the capital, than you may already be familiar at […]

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London in a Day

London in a Day Itinerary – [Ultimate Guide from a Londoner]

London is truly an amazing city. The capital of England has many treasures to be found, beautifully historic architecture to see, great things to do, sumptuous places to eat and landmarks galore. If you are short on time, and have just one single day in London, you are going to need the ultimate itinerary to […]

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